We are a rent-based studio. You choose your own schedule and come and go as you please. Closed on Mondays. We will take walk-ins for anyone who wants them, but no one is forced to take walk-ins. We will throw flash events and other fun stuff we’d love to do as a studio, but also at your own will. We provide all medical supplies: gloves, razors, table/pillow covers, and sensi-wrap, as well as keeping a stocked fridge and pantry for artists to help themselves during breaks.


We have a cozy break room with couches, a TV, and a coffee bar and non-alcoholic lounge in our front entry client waiting area including patio/outside seating. There are so many great places to draw, paint, or just relax between clients. We love playing good, chill music and have a surround sound system throughout the studio for a soothing sound experience.


Our hope is to work with other artists who are like-minded, kind and genuine people that we can all get along well with. We do not limit on gender, race, sexuality, size, color or shape and welcome ALL people with open arms. We’d love for you to come see the space and hang with us!